Huomenta! Tästä päivästä näyttäisi tulevan erinomainen golfin peluuseen! Päiväksi on luvattu puolipilvistä, eikä sateitakaan pitäisi tänään taivaalta tulla. Lämpötilan on luvattu nousevan jopa sinne 19 asteeseen, joten kelit senkun paranevat! Tänään kentällä pelataan Valloxin loppukilpailu, jonka vuoksi lähdöt on suljettu kello 10.00-11.00, muuten kenttä on vapaana muillekin pelaajille, joten tervetuloa! Tänään starttaa jälleen alkeiskurssin ensimmäinen päivä Laurin johdolla. Kilpailuilmoittautumisten puolella on tällä hetkellä neljä vaihtoehtoa varattavissa – Sunnuntai-Skinit 7.9. klo 10.00 alkaen. Ilmoittautumiset suoraan caddiemasterin kautta ajanvaraukseen. 1 euron panos / reikä. Pelijärjestys ja muut yksityiskohdat infotaan paikan päällä sunnuntaina. – KeilaGolf 13.9.2014 klo 9.00 alkaen. Kilpailukutsu – Naisten Kauden Päätöskilpailu 13.9.2014 klo 11.00 alkaen. Kilpailukutsu – Kauden ensimmäinen KINKKUSCRAMBLE 14.9.2014 klo 9.00 alkaen. Kilpailukutsu Muistakaa ilmoittautua ajoissa mukaan. Toimistossa tänään Elli ja Lauri

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1 complaints from customers was about our refueling policy, If put in a sufficiently minimal way, Shea now 74 said he met Bulger now 83 in November 1977 on corner of Fifth Street in South Boston where both men were born and raised Shea had just finished a 7 year state prison sentence for armed robbery He said Bulger and his partner in crime Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi rolled up on him in Bulger’s distinctive blue Chevrolet Malibu with wire wheels “It was brief” Shea said ” He said he had heard some good things about me It was a short discussion” Days later he said Bulger found him again and handed him $500 “We had some small talk” Shea said “I believe he gave me an envelope and said welcome home Something for the upcoming holidays” Shea didn’t ask why he deserved such generosity While he was in prison Bulger had seized the South Boston rackets There was residual tension between the new boss and Fifth Street and Shea figured the $500 was a peace offering He said Bulger appreciated him in return In short order Shea said he started Nathan Wallin Lalonde was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and worked in the base’s finance office Wallin said “We took it very hard We’re all shocked and saddened” Wallin said “He was just a great guy a fun guy” Keith Wischer was driving to a cheap jerseys china church concert in Mequon on Sunday afternoon when he came upon the aftermath of the crash and made the split second decision to drive after the suspect’s vehicle Other people were out of their cars and helping Lalonde Wischer said “Then someone yelled to get the license plate of the car that was leaving the scene” he said “I took off after the car” Wischer drove westbound on Sherman in his red BMW convertible and saw that the front right tire of the other vehicle had blown out and sparks were flying from the wheel’s contact with pavement No high speed chase was required to overtake the damaged car “I pulled up next to him and asked him to stop” Wischer said By that time an SUV driving anti lock brakes or motorized seat belts. (Though other times not: voices raised and breaking. the tax is about 10 cents a gallon.

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