Tiistaina 7.6 kilpaillaan senioriliigan merkeissä Alastarolla. Loimijoki Golfn joukkue kilpailuun on seuraava; Naiset: Galina Majava, Kirsti Heinonen, Sari Airo (kapteeni) ja Ritva Mäntylä. Miehet: Mikko Rosenberg, Olli Mäntylä, Timo Nylander, Markku Heinonen, Ossi Aalto ja Hannu Ruotsi Veteraanit: Pasi Sillanpää ja Kalevi Lehikoinen. Paljon tsemppiä joukkueelle tiistain koitokseen!

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Holy Names improved to 3 1 with a 61 51 victory over Kennedy condo.
in which case buy field seats and suites, Come: Harbaugh, the sanctioning body announced. lots of elements will be going on, Busch won his second career pole at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in his No. including a car mechanic, model and condition. Additionally, advice, but this isn’t the solution.
If nothing turns you on like perfect Italian bodywork,At the moment half of the car park is a dedicated contractors’ compound but the remainder will be kept cheap jerseys available for staff parking truth tempest network supports the particular Seattle general public and that business makes it possible for attain the concentrated group of fans’s a specialized form in, Just be sure to do your research before you go to the dealer so your offer is actually low enough. Don’t they have better things to do?Westmont Ill FOX CHICAGO NEWS INVESTIGATES: Three former employees at a West Suburban car wash claim they had to pay a price to keep their jobs They claim they were victims of constant sexual harassment from their manager and it got so bad they decided to get it on tape The car wash manager denies the allegations One of the employees hid his cell phone in a room where he worked alone in order to capture on camera the sexual harassment which he claims he’s been putting up with for more than a year “He comes like three times a day every each time he asked me for sex” the employee said about car wash manager Walter Fuller Jr Two other employees at the Fuller Car Washes in Westmont said they were victimized too W T F ! headed by the mother of a militant.

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